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2017 Gardening Updates

2/20/17 Start germination of Carolina Reaper Peppers. 3/2/17   Start germination of Anaheim Peppers.                 Plant 12 Carolina Reapers & put under lights in the greenhouse. 3/5/17   Start germination of the… Read more »


Almost done with the peppers. For the fresh heat batch 2016. Sent from Kon’s smartphone.


Pepper plants are loaded this year. Picked a few to eat for lunch today. Sent from Kon’s smartphone.

Even still coming

Picked these beautys today. This is the longest I been able to keep the squash producing. Sent from Kon’s smartphone.

Got green beans.

Hot and muggy this morning. Still was able to pick some goodies. It’s amazing that I still have cucumbers growing. The plants looks so bad right now. Sent from Kon’s… Read more »