Here is my 2009 Ranger 620VS with the MTK Wakeboard Tower installed.  Took a little bit of elbow grease but got it finished.  I will post better pictures after cleaning and detailing it out,  but for now these 2 aren’t too bad. By installing this rack it resolved my issues for tow point and a Bimini top.  I believe that this install has made this boat more complete. I have looked around for almost a year before deciding to to do this.  Spent many hours on for a solution. Up to this point I have not seen another Ranger fisherman series with a wake board tower. I purchased this rack from With the help from this video, i was able to this with very little help.

2009 Ranger 620 VS Fisherman

Ragner 620 VS Fisherman

Installed following this video.  It was very helpful.