Linux Agent install for Datto

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Jacob Jensen (Datto Inc.)

Oct 18, 12:46 AM EDT

Hi Kon,

Thank you for your call this evening. To recap:

·        Datto Linux Agent was not installed so it could not pair with the Datto Device. For reference, this was for SCS-SIRIS (1C1B0DE8F7FD), not Modernice.

·        Needed to perform the following installs for Debian 7:

·        Sudo

·        apt-transport-https

During our call, we first observed issues with getting eth1 recognized and stopping RTNetLink errors when the networking service was restarted.
We ran the following to flush the cache on ETH1 to prevent the error:
ip addr flush dev eth1

Additionally, we installed the following packages on Debian 7 (which is supported), but there are packages that are needed in order to install the Datto Linux Agent software;

·        sudo apt-get install sudo

·        apt-transport-https apt-get install apt-transport-https

Once these were installed, we checked the Linux Headers to ensure that these are up to date (from the KB Article that Kyle had posted);

apt-get install linux-headers-$(uname -r)

Then attempt to install the Agent Software from Datto: