Gardening Update 4.20.17

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Well the Tomatoes finally made it to their own Solo cups, but the survival of the fittest did not come into play because if so I should only have 12 of each type.

Inventory is as follows:

Pink Brandywine – 13

Brandywine – 18 (Kon actually killed 1 – didn’t have a 2nd set of leaves)

Black Cherry – 25 (we actually threw 6 babies out)

Love our inventory when our garden only calls for 2 of each type this year – guess Andy, Elaine, Gloria, & Mom/Lori will be getting some this year – plus Mom Belieu’s friends get some of the Black Cherry ones – Gary may need some also Kon says cause his germination didn’t do too well this year.

Tried adding a picture but keep getting error – I need a good computer man – lol.