2017Gardening Update 3.10.17

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Checked on germination of pepper plants.

Slow growers – Jalapeno Early, Pepperoncini. & Ghost.

All other have enough germinated to plant 6 packs (some had way too many & Kon actually threw them away – a few years ago he would have planted all that germinated- that’s growth for him).

Planted 12 each of Korean & Red Bells – Planted 6 each of Jalapeno M, Padron, Cayenne, & Red Habanero.

After 2 small spoonful of water they are ready for the indoor greenhouse – nice cozy weather of 77 degrees (outside here it is windy & chilly 40).

Checked on other occupants of the greenhouse:

2 of the Reapers have their 2nd set of leaves already & 15 of the Anaheim have broken ground (2 days of warmth & they want to grow).