2017 Gardening Updates 3.13.17

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Well the 2014 Ghost seeds only germinated 3 plants – had to plant 2015 seeds in the other 3 spots in the 6 pack – 3 seeds each spot so 9 possible pants – survival of the fittest (if Kon can kill some later).

Planted 12 Jalapeno Early Peppers that had germinated in the towels.

Pepperoncini still no germination from 3/5 – Kon wants to give them a little more time.

Planted 3 new Serrano seeds per spot in a 6 pack – possible 18 plants – but Kon says again “survival of the fittest” – I will believe it when I see it.

Need to plant six packs of the Red Bell Peppers for Elaine, Gloria, Denise, & Mom – will work on that tomorrow.